Founded in 2008 by Hong Kong and Italian investors, CT Showroom is a leading fashion agency providing distribution, PR & Marketing, and brand management services headquartered in Hong Kong.

We have an ample brand portfolio which covers a wide spectrum of styles from contemporary fashion brands around the globe. Leveraging our sophistication in brand and sales management, our experienced and professional teams enabled numerous designer labels to penetrate into the Chinese market in the past years.

CT Showroom, as a platform for creativity exchange, will continue to innovate in the future through the consolidation of cross-border resources and team professionalism. We will demonstrate our creative vision in modern lifestyle through a unique and holistic approach.


ANDREA CREWS (Paris, France 法国巴黎)
DAVIELLE (Italy 意大利)
GO>by GO SILK (USA 美国)
GY KIMCHOE (London, UK 英国伦敦)
JONATHAN LIANG (Paris, France 法国巴黎)
J. APOSTROPHE (South Korea 韩国)
J MOON (London, UK 英国伦敦)
S=YZ (London, UK 英国伦敦)


JUSTIN CASSIN (Australia 澳洲)
MOTO GUO (Malaysia 马来西亚)


LUSASUL (Mexico 墨西哥)
THE MIDDLE (Spain 西班牙)