By holding both domestic and global promotions for designers and brands, the association dedicates itself to create the platform of professional public service in order to accelerate the cooperation among the fashion industrial chain, establishing effective working and standard code, and enhancing the sustainable development of Shanghai and China’s fashion industry. The SFDA is also responsible for evaluating designers and brands that is attending the Shanghai Fashion Week.


All Comes From Nothing (ACFN) is a New York based women’s wear created by artist and designer Eva Xu. ACFN is dedicated to women with creative professions. Made for the everyday wardrobe, ACFN brings artist collaborations into comfort, elegant shapes, offers timeless and ageless, easy mix-and-match styles, and attention to detail design. Inspired by the Chinese philosophy of simplicity and Minimalism art, ACFN designs combine the softness and draping found in natural fabrics (silk, linen, and jersey) with geometrical shapes, creating versatile and unique looks. The ACFN woman creates for life. She is artistic, elegant, intuitive and adventurous. Fashion is an accomplice, not her calling card.


希望每一个穿衣者都能通过自己的身体 来表现出同一件衣服的不同风格
内涵是让衣服变得简单 安静 美好 ,在这个容易被改变的时代里,每个人都在不停的改变,衣服和人一样 也在改变 ,而设计者认为,我们所做的改变都是为了心中的那份美好 可以不变。
CONCISE-WHITE 就是希望用空白这个概念,留给穿衣者对衣服的再设计空间让衣服再去创造那些无尽的可能。


Rico is : 2013, The first Chinese designer who take the original outdoor design collection to Shanghai Fashion Week.
2014, The first Chinese designer to show “Urban outdoor” in ISPO Beijing.
2016, the first Chinese designer wins the finalist of “Brand new” in ISPO Munich.
We tried to bring technology into urban life with the "Beautiful technology" concept, it is aimed to create the functional products that is corresponding to the modern lifestyle and fashion tastes.


Yao graduated from London college of fashion. Yao’s design aesthetics and philosophy come from years of fashion and costume design, relates to personal experiences, learning and translation of the life, cultural and people. YAO ZHANG menswear contents obsession with violence aesthetics and conflict-ion of street-wear and formal-wear, dirty and clean, rough and elegant, cruel and romance. Yao believes extreme coexistence lets the garments show full of textured and vitality charm.

A.1 云凤思儒

Fashion changes our life, while the art of design makes a difference to our way of thinking. Deeply immersed in art, A.1 is devoted to connect Oriental aesthetic experience with contemporary art of fashion for further creative exploration.


mikumkum is the ready to wear line from Shanghai based couturier Lu Kun, the brand is focus on creating the new shanghainese débutant style. Through the exquisite tailoring skill, it's perfectly shaping the beautiful silhouette of women and establishes the essence of style that reflecting the youth, energy and charm of modern women.


E.SIGNET is an independent designer brands with the oriental culture. Designer use minimalist design to fuse Eastern Culture with Modern Aesthetics, which make clothing and wearing achieve a harmony and pluralistic features, reveal the harmonious beauty in unity of form and spirit.


extra: surplus essentials with a sense of humour.
The extra collection was launched in 2007. Most of the products consist of bags, belts and small leather goods. After 10 years of experimenting and developing, extra finds the best way to be comfortable and creative in each product and represent the existence of a “lighter life”.
extra can be your own floating home with friendliness and happiness.
-extra at MODE 2016 S/S Trade Show Shanghai on October 2015. 

艳 钰

Beijing September Creative Jewelry Co., Ltd. owns the brand "Yan Yu" which has more than 3,000 products and is committed to the development and creation of Chinese intangible cultural heritage "filigree mosaic" palace handicraft. The company combines traditional palace craftsmanship with modern fashion design to build up Chinese characteristics jewelry.
The company supports customized fine jewelry, that creates unique fashionable and creative accessories and make you a bright star in any occasion.