MAISON LINAMA is created by the famous fashion jewelry and high-end Accessory designer Lina MA. She is the first Chinese designer who was invited five times to participate in Paris fashion week, for the international high-end fashion show PREMIERE CLASSE. " Haute-Couture Accessory can be worn" is the core spirit and concept of the pursuit of excellence and perfection has been carrying out.

MAISON LINAMA includes four series brands. They are Lina MA, Lina by Lina MA, T’a tienne and Volapuk. MAISON LINAMA is a multi category of high-end jewelry brand. Its products are mostly in high-end fashion jewelry and hat headdress. The brand products mix with the characteristic of custom-made jewelry and haute couture, and many designs can be disassembled and combined freely, leaving more space for customers to create again. Its products are sold in many top boutiques, e.g. L’ECLAIREUR, FRANCK ET FILS, BERGDORF GOODMAN etc.


The designer leather-goods brand WANACCESSORY was established in London. The sense of humor is the persistence and spirit of the brand. WAN presents a powerful and unconstrained style, with the medium of colors, prints, gems, and variety of materials. The first flagship store was open in Shanghai 2013, and now with more than 20 shops nationwide and online, WANACCESSORY gradually spreads out her spirit and vision.


Chinese-born Yang Du launched the YANG DU brand in 2009 after completing a BA and MA degree in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins and working alongside John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood and Giles Deacon. After completing two seasons as part of The British Fashion Council’s NewGen initiative for the support of exceptional talent her namesake label went on to be stocked in Selfridges and Brown’s alongside an exclusive collaboration with Joyce in Hong Kong amassing a celebrity clientele including Daisy Lowe, Paloma Faith, Alexa Chung, Sammi Cheng to name but a few. Yang Du has now presented her collections at both London and Paris Fashion Week and has over 30 stockiest worldwide.

Leaf Xia YIQI

Leaf Xia graduated from Parsons the New School of Design with BFA womenswear in 2015, showcasing in Parsons 67th Annual Fashion Benefit Runway Show. Her graduation work has also been exhibited in Saks Fifth Avenue Windows Display New York. Leaf Xia lunched her label and showed her first official runway show on February, 2016 during London Fashion Week. WGSN rated Leaf Xia after Alexander McQueen as 9 of the most daring looks from LFW. Her works publish on Vogue UK, Glamour UK, WGSN, Elle China, Vogue China, and other major medias.


An unexpected encounter contributes to a coincided appointment. Being together for years, look back at the sprouting of love and continue to live together with tacit understanding,draw the vogue outline together, repeatedly modeling on the clean mannequin together, show ideas of freedom with the rigorous structure,” Wee have our own attitude.”


SerendiPPo as a bag design brand was established in April, 2015, in Shanghai. It gains inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and pursues experimental spirit in the aspects including design, materials, construction, craft and details. “Endless renewal of inspiration and experiment of style is the vision for the brand. Crossover projects of SerendiPPo is the extension of its style.

incompleto 若缺

“incompleto” comes from Italian which means to be continued, usually found in literary output. Chinese name come from Lao zi (the founder of the Taoist) ana,meaning knowledge has no limit, people should always be humility, incomplete is kind of perfect, it gives people spaces to think. The natural unfinished feeling is the key of” incomplete”, we maintain the nature texture of the fabric so that people could feel the real quality, could see the details, could notice the emotion that we want to express. Modesty is the bond of the brand, sardonic is the blood. “ incompleto ” hopes to understand more about life through creation.


NIKITA CAI is a brand and a desire for beautiful high-end luxury products. We are trying our best searching high quality fabrics globally, using strict technology and combing them with unique designs to create perfect fashion garments. We call it “wearable art” cause fashion is not only a garment but also a kind of art which can express our emotion and feeling. NIKITA CAI is a passion that strives for creativity and style.


Conveying a message that we are not a duplicate of anyone but simply in the journey of developing our own aesthet- ics. Meanwhile, question the world of fashion as well as approaching design in a subversive way.


Advocating concise and delicate lifestyle. Respecting the nature, the original trait of materials instead of changing it on purpose. When we not speak, clothes are a king of language and the accessories we wear is what we want to express. Each collections using different kind of white fabrics, to express designer’s exploration of fashion esthetics.


MICartsy = Made In China + artsy MICartsy. was launched in December of 2011,it embodies the personal style ofdesigner Skelly Wang, origin and concept was to make fashion more artistic and to make art more fashionable. “We mainly use the basic collar or garment as a blank paper and we mix all types of material to craft delicate creative details.Our process of making a design is quite different than other fashion companies; we treat each of them as an art. Due to the handmade details, we can’t make all of them exactly the same for production which made it more precious and interesting. We want to create a timeless feeling for our followers, stitch by stitch, every detail has its own story; handmade with love is always the purpose.”


1=X, 1 is an individual, X represents different possibilities, which means that everything is possible. Founded in January 2009, the French fashion brand was composed by international independent young designers, is committed to explore the possibilities of an individual in the fashion world.


Beijing Jiujiu Impression Creative Accessories Co., Ltd. owns the brand "Yan Yu". It is committed to the development and creation of Chinese intangible cultural heritage "filigree mosaic" palace handicraft. Filigree mosaic has 2000 years of history. The company combines traditional palace craftsmanship with modern fashion design to build up Chinese characteristics jewelry. The company supports customized fine jewelry, that creates unique fashionable and creative accessories and make you a bright star in any occasion.


Huigan, founded in 2016,appreciating nature and life to seek innovative inspiration, combined with traditional and modern consciousness, aims at reflecting the modern oriental aesthetic artistic; Also based on perfect theme as fundamental, building a special unique beauty of oriental zen. Combining with the natural philosophy and modern stylish creative practice, we elaborately select high-quality materials, concentrate on workmanship, blend with innovative, strive to make every design full of vitality. Huigan design is not only the ordinary design, but also a way of exquisite life.


DEYIEC(得壹)Founded by local designer Sun Yuebin in Shenzhen, China in 2015.Minimalism and elegant is definitely the style.Design is remount to life origin.DEYIEC quest for humble, tolerant, mature life artistic conception.Oriental,functional,considered design.Wearing the clothes inspiring new clothes.


Walking, running, climbing, Wade Creek… Through each kind of physical and natural contact with the way, Draw inspiration from the natural breath . With the function of science and technology, professional and practical, wear type structure, fashion elements into the trend of outdoor sports and leisure wear art, at the same time to meet the pursuit of freedom of the human tide were in demand, shaping the passionate wearing experience for the wearer.


The label KUNMANMA was found in 2013. Cool independent youth is the core of our design. Our style is distinguished with the sense of freshness and fun that are of the distinctive characters of youth.    Founder Fiona Ma decided to delve into the realm of fashion after she graduated from Architecture at University of Sydney. She considers fashion as the architecture that human body dwells. After she completed the internship at Diane Von Furstenberg in New York, Fiona continue with her career in fashion in Shanghai. Garments are signatured with sculptured shape with fun details, designed for modern women who are elegant and unrestrained. Materials are carefully selected from Italy in order to ensure the quality and sustainability. A girl with KUNMANMA will not be restricted by our garments and worry nothing but being who she is.


IMMERSY is elegant gracious free independent designer brand, focusing on designing the knitted sweater , moving by person as a individual and the independent spirit to the highest respect.Integrating unique fashion language through the thoughts and emotion of people,To deliver female external elegant capable dignified generous temperament,and internal mind & tolerance, the open angle, selflessness extreme beauty of women. With the intellectual, elegant, contracted design style, reflect the ultimate pursuit of humanism.


Eva Xu holds a BFA from Tsinghua University in China and a MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was instructed by contemporary master Nick Cave. Eva took design positions and worked at Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren for 5 years. In 2014, Eva founded ‘ALL COMES FROM NOTHING’ out of a desire to create women’s wear for creative lifestyles. ‘ALL COMES FROM NOTHING’ speaks to the creative and artistic soul. It offers designs for every expressive setting – from the studio to opening night. The ACFN woman creates for life. She is artistic, elegant, intuitive and adventurous.


JUNNE advocates entry lux concept and creatively proposes soft sculpture,and highlights the female characteristics of iron hand in the velvet glove. Creating an extraordinary dressing style for elegant and independent urban females. Among the current independent designer brands,JUNNE puts forward the brand-new concept that one yarn can be ever changing. Focusing on the blank field of independent fashion designer,JUNNE's ideal craft is knitted sweater. Manipulated the essence of knit and woven,JUNNE combines with different technique. Every single product is perfectly exquisite JUNNE grew out of JUNNE LAU ,which made great success in sales for years. Afterwards,designer,Miss Junne,went to the manufactory and explored the extreme technique and silhouette in sweater area,and eventually re-established her own name brand for JUNNE.


YE'SbyYESIR was created by young designer YESIR in 2010, whose menswear and womenswear are both personally designed by YESIR with his team. Brand YE'SbyYESIR is honored as one of the most iconic local designer brands by domestic mainstream medias, and it is also one of a few Chinese designer brands recommended and special reported by CNN and Phoenix TV. YE'SbyYESIR womenswear series consistently presents in an elegant and vanguard style while the manswear series is full of simple and easy artistic temperament. Designer YESIR’s inspirations are mostly drawn from modern art and Chinese traditional culture, blending with Deconstruction Principle Design and supplementing with Modern Minimalist Style as well. As a result, every item of YE'SbyYESIR clearly shows his persistent in self-style and attitude towards fashion.


E.SIGNET is an independent designer brands with the oriental culture.”Gu ran” is the core annotation of the spirit of the brand, Do not forget the beginning of the heart has always been.Designer Yonghui Qiao use minimalist design to fuse Eastern Culture with Modern Aesthetics,which make clothing and wearing achieve a harmony and pluralistic features,reveal the harmonious beauty in unity of form and spirit.

Grace Deng

“Each woman has a natural love dreaming nature, it is different from the exclusive rights of man!” Grace Deng is exclusive for women "dream" the brand. The intent of the designer Grace to create brand with the same hope with beautiful woman's courage of "dreaming" design, Get real confidence and happiness from the dream! The "dream" series of 13 years, To live in the beautiful outline details of each story, Grace firmly believe that time will pass, But the good memories will be like a fairy tale forever and continue! Brand of the vision of the inheritance of the garment with the same, Pay attention to the technology research and development of fabric, and through the "manual combined with mechanical manufacturing process, To the traditional process properly, also let more women can experience more rich "dream"!

Elysée YANG

In 2003, Elysée Yang graduated from LISAA (L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués), a fashion & fabric design school in Paris. The same year, Elysée YANG launched 2 brands in France: Elysée YANG (Haute Couture) and ZEMOELYSEE a ready-to-wear line. In 2005, she came back to China until now where her showroom is located in Beijing. Her collections are often presented in Shanghai FASHION WEEK and greeted from VOGUE, ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, BAZAAR, CCTV and other international and domestic media.


WHERE WHAT WHO brand introduction WHERE WHAT WHO was founded in 2009. Subversion and changeable rock attitude, taken out of context playing design and burn after reading one outfit concept, constitute the unique brand of subculture genes; WHERE WHAT WHO Has participated in the Shanghai fashion week many times, received awards of 2010 autumn/winter "natural style" and 2015 autumn/winter "the crossover style "; 2017 spring/summer “the Communications Award”

i am mamaye

The I am mamaye designer brand was founded in the autumn of 2015, in the atmosphere with comfortable clothing styles, mostly showing loose fabric, maintain the natural state, and based on simple tailoring and lines, regardless of work or daily life in different occasion wear. Brand positioning of the customer base is to pay attention to the quality of life, the pursuit of the art of urban women, courageous and full of responsibility


ISAEI was established by two designers Luke and Chimney in 2013. “ISAEI” comes from Icelandic“INNSÆI”,which means intuition. Intuition, in a way, means knowing instinctively without rational process, which however is not illogical, but the sense originated from logic. Shake off the mind left from the ordinary, to see the only truth, beneath the time and conciousness. Mind flows, ceaselessly, as to millions of it, wash against us strove with none, see through the undeniable intuition。 To establish a brand, by each step, it feels like you are building an exquisite machine, there s a life granted by you into it. Itself cound remain functional, could push the wave of time, could draw attentions from who and what are resonated with it in a delicate spot. By means of the intuition and spirit, the energy would be conveyed to us through it as it merged into the substance "fashion" to make contact with our skin. Never compromise to any kinds of language; never yield to philosophy connotation; never stop for the reality-The design philosophy of ISAEI


“Fashion Is Nothing Without You. BE YOURSELF!” It expresses the possibilities of fashion are unlimited; it just wants each person can experience the feeling of each design. When you label yourself, express your own attitude; you can hit it off with us perfectly. The creative design is not about the gender boundary, it’s more about the choice of fabrics and the detailed requirements of tailoring, also for the type of excellence in order to see the unique design.


Tex Saverio is the first Indonesian fashion designer who was invited to take part in the Paris Fashion Week. Tex Saverio is famous for his mysterious yet magical creations that are full of meticulously crafted details. The designer launched his eponymous label TEX SAVERIO in 2010 and quickly took the international fashion scene by storm. Renowned as an Haute Couture fashion designer, Tex Saverio launched his ready-to-wear collection in 2013, in which the designer utilized his couture techniques like laser cut and other decorative elements and successfully kept the brand DNA while showcasing his signature modern silhouette. In 2015, Tex Saverio launched a secondary line TXID by Tex Saverio. Adhering to the high quality standard of the main line, TXID however represents another world of the designer’s mind, a “dualism world” where fantasy meets reality, darkness blends with light, rebelliousness collides with tenderness, and luxury is intertwined with simplicity. Creating innovative work is Tex Saverio ' s consistent pursuit as a designer.


RODERIC WONG the brand newly established in 2016, studio based in Shanghai. With outstanding fabric manipulation design and the sophistication on commercial value, Roderic’s collection favorably won Asia young designer award in his year of graduation, hired and worked in well-known luxury retailing cooperation in Singapore afterwards. The Pret-a-porter line of RODERIC WONG is a combination of material innovation and practical collocation, building a both fashionable and wearable wardrobe for those modern women own a deep soul and humble quality within.


extra one: surplus essentials with a sense of humor. Based in Shanghai, extra one is a Chinese original accessories brand founded in 2017, grew out of the ZUCZUG/extra series which launched in 2008. After almost 10 years of experimenting and developing, extra one finds the best way to be comfortable and creative in each product and represent the existence of “light”. The core concept "Light", extends the sense of humor and imagination in daily life.

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