YIVVAN is the crystallization of fashion marriage for Haining China leather City Co,ltd and two brother,the winner of Jinding Award,Xuewei Wu and Xuekai Wu.

Showroom YA

Showroom YA (Showroom 11) is a brand new showroom established in August 2016 in Beijing. We carefully select talents from emerging designers.

MIA Showroom

Showroom YA (Showroom 11) is a brand new showroom established in August 2016 in Beijing. We carefully select talents from emerging designers.


FUSIONCO, the most potential global designer showroom, was established in 2013. In the past two years, FUSIONCO focuses on docking global designer brands with Chinese fashion market.


Beijing PINCHUAN founded in 2015, is a focus on China's original designer collections, trade, operations, management, retailing, consulting services company,


We build our showroom to guarantee uniqueness, high-quality and affordable fashionable apparel in China. We celebrate individuality, offering one-of-a-kind fashion styles and stunning looks through our unique designers around the world.


HIVE+ is one of the largest O2O buyers purchasing platform in China, providing great support and drive for designer brands to develop and expand business in China.


Incube Studio was founded in shanghai in August 11,2016. As a member of The Shanghai Textile Group, we are design creative clothing and general merchandise to supply domestic and overseas enterprise. Since the creation of the company we hired good local designers and overseas designers.

IGFD Studio

IGFD Showroom SH Shanghai, affiliated with IGFD Gruppo Srl Group (hereinafter referred to as IGFD), IGFD brings IGFD Showroom MI at Via Savona 55A Milano Italy for more than 10 years of international Showroom experience into China


TUDOO SHOWROOM was founded in 2011. With the profound understanding of European fashion industry and extensive experience in the operation of Chinese market, TUDOO is one of the most high end fashion showrooms.

mi showroom

Based on brand management experience and knowledge of fashion trends, YIFE create a total new platform merging together with contemporary clothing art, creative artist and media focus-mi showroom.

Xstyle Showroom

XFound in London, based in Shanghai, starts up from brand marketing and PR, the Xstyle showroom studio has established a complete fashion business system that includes marketing research, brand planning, retail cooperation for both online and offline in rapidly developing China fashion retail market.


As a clothing marketing company, it was initiated in 1981, with professional business philosophy. Following the philosophy of honesty, trustworthy, aggressiveness and innovation, the Taiwan-based Chinese company has countless expectations for fashion.

TOKI Showroom

In the blooming atmosphere of the Chinese Showroom industries, TOKI SHOWROOM established a communication platform for the brands, investors, buyers, media and all different fashion circle people.


Combind with Europe and the United States is a well-known brand resources and channel resources service platform in China.


Project Crossover Showroom, 2015年创立XSHOWROOM。 XSHOWROOM is the first online global fashion platform for wholesale buying in China.


BLOOMING is an international sales platform connecting designer brands and domestic retail channels, assisting brands to gain popularity and sales in China, and helping domestic retail stores to improve in service.

Taipei IN Style

“Taipei IN Style”(TIS) is a professional exhibition for promoting Taiwanese latest trend in fashion and establishing the gateway between Taiwanese fashion industry and the world.


Founded in 2013 in Hongkong, utilizing Hongkong’s unique fashion trading positioning, Match Showroom designed a more customized showroom system for designer labels across the globe.


Faster,Easier,And more efficiently, The most convenient way for brands and buyers to meet, [Online Fashion Platform, 101GLOBAL] Unique IT solution provider Hanwha S&C and Galleria merchandisers with outstanding fashion senses


SUN IN SKY coalesces business and artistic ecospace, to create a co-creative platform of original design,which bases on showroom,brand incubation and internet plus,

Empress Showroom

A privately held, full service company operating from Vancouver, Shanghai, Taiwan, Paris, New York and Hong Kong, Empress Group specializes in brand development, public relations, and design services across the Fashion and lifestyle sectors.

MAG Showroom

Based in Hong Kong, MAG Showroom was established as fashion bureau in 2002, specialized in distributing premium contemporary brands in China.

Cross Mode 半城秀

Cross Mode is a European indenpendent designer brand distributor, focus on mining those international/ European independent brand with original design to enter China's market. Trendy & Elite is our inclusion criteria.


Combined with Europe and the United States is a well-known brand resources and channel resources service platform in China. Has a professional international buyer team, perennial shuttle in the United States, France, Italy, each big clothing and fashion week, the exhibition selected excellent brand for the Chinese market, the introduction of China.

昕東京 Xin Tokyo

A tiny change today brings you a thrilling difference tomorrow. By crossing over people at our showroom, there are always new happenings. Better quality with the special fabrics and various tastes brands are here from Japan.

Kate Zhou

Kate Zhou Showroom was founded in 2008 by Kate Zhou, a well-known fashion blogger and columnist in China. Kate Zhou was the first showroom and boutiques to represent and promote independent handbag designers in China.


S-BUY Global Boutiques (www.mysbuy.net ) is a high-end lifestyle online marketplace for international tourism products and premium quality international goods.

Creators Showroom

Creators Showroom found in 2013 and focuses on fasion jewellery, accessory, handbag . Combining with the marketing mode of showroom form the west and the characters of Chinese market,


DNEST advocates that luxury comes back to the nature of commodities and aims to provide perfect products and consumption experience for the customers. In an attempt to bring you the first-hand top fashion products, we’ve set up a buyer team with fashion senses and tastes, meanwhile cooperate with the elites of designers from overseas as well as from domestic to create our unique brands.


Oriental modern center(OMC) ,as the designers' professional service provider, is committed to build "emerging designers incubation platform". providing a full range of services for the designers.Such as sales channels, brand promotion, capital support, personal ascension ,latest news, complete set of production ,the third party resources docking and so on.


By integrating art, design and artisans in detail, and taken jewelry as its main carrier, MOMIC has been immersed in the creation of aesthetics.

尚街Loft showroom

FASHION LOFT SHANGHAI is an integrated Fashioon platform,focus on providing services for local designer scouts and fashion brands from online to offline.


MEDSMADE.COM--your partner for the fashion & lifestyle in China MEDSMADE is specifically dedicated to Southern-Europe brands willing to promote themselves and sell products and design to selected buyers active in China.


Tn showroom is a brand-collection platform for international designers launched by Nn Select Shop. It’s designed to search and gather global cutting-edge designers, artists and fashion industry professionals, aiming to establish an interactive platform in the form of showroom and realize more commercial value.


Founded and operated by Shanghai Fashion Designers Association, TANC SHOWROOM extends the meaning of fashion design tank and future energy reserves. Upholding the spirit of service by the Association and relying on industry resources. TANK selects fashion brands from China and around the world, providing specialized display release, order service, media promotion


Launched in October 2014, Ontimeshow is a biannual international contemporary fashion trade show located in Shanghai and held during Shanghai Fashion Week. In only five seasons, Ontimeshow has grown up from a domestic trade show welcoming 48 brands and 335 visitors


Showroom Shanghai, established in the spring of 2014, is the first professional showroom in China. It has become a booster to consumption upgrade in China’s fashion industry, as well as a high-end show event with extensive influence in China.


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