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21st Mar 2016
MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show is open for registration

From Apr. 8th to 11th, 2016, the third time MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show 2016A/W will happen in Julu Road,Shanghai City. including 26 exhibitors with altogether nearly 500 fashion brands. These brands will be able to talk with buyers and other professional visitors worldwide face to face in MODE.25 high-quality showrooms participates in this exhibition. Some of them provide a good platform for Chinese originalism designers to extend their business. In addition, lots of showrooms are as professional institutes which aim to import foreign brands. Many brands will do shows to release the new products when they are in Shanghai Fashion Week exhibition. The mode of ‘SHOW’+’EXHIBITION’ is a combination of dynamics and statics.

One of the old friends of Shanghai Fashion Week, fashion writer Colin McDowell once commented that MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show is of great importance because it is the place that buyers would come and orders would be made.

As the official trade show of Shanghai Fashion Week, MODE is organized by Shanghai Fashion Week Committee. As the venue for last 2 seasons, FOUND 158 has got positive reputation from all exhibitors and this time, it will continue playing its role as a new fashion landmark in Shanghai city. In addition, WEST BUND located at No. 2555, Longteng Avenue comes to be the second venue.

We have 26 exhibitors participating MODE, they are: Dengta Showroom, FUSIONCO Showroom, TUDOO Showroom, The Square, WH Showroom, VDS Showroom, MiShowroom, Project Crossover, Kate Zhou Showroom, YIVVAN Showroom, ZUCZUG/extra, WATER STONE·SFDA, 101 GLOBAL, New Union PLUS Highstreet Loft, MATCH Showroom, Global talented jewelry designer hub, CT Showroom, HARDcANDY Showroom, I SAY Showroom, YANYU, DFO Showroom, couldbe Designers Union, SWAROVSKI, SITE OF INCIDENCE, JWN IDEAHOUSE, Tn Showroom, SoMi Showroom, Ontimeshow and Shanghai Fashion Designers Association (SFDA). We have not only the previous exhibitors as our old friend, but also have fresh blood to enhance the scale, which indicates that MODE is doing better and better on commercialization and professionalization, it helps brands to transport their products from runway to market.

To sum up, MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show is clear and professional: one big venue gathering fashion brands and buyers from all over the world, that’s it. Come and join us.

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