MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show PRIVACY POLICY

MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show respects your privacy and values the relationship between you and us. When you access this website, you shall comply with this privacy policy and our terms of use.

This privacy policy is about the personal information collected by MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show Website (at, for short "MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show Website") for the MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show (for short, “the Show”), how we use that information, as well as the introduction and explanation of with whom to share the information. Our privacy policy also introduces what measures we take to protect information security and how you can check, modify or delete your personal information. This policy also explains how you can refuse our handling of your personal information, and how to refuse to receive our products and services communication.

Please note that this privacy policy only applies to the information provided by the above "website" of MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show. This policy does not apply to any information or communication relating to MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show, for example, the related new and information of MODE Shanghai exhibitors during the trade show. If you visit the websites of our partners, e.g., or other websites linked to this website, you shall comply with the privacy policy of other websites, we suggest that you to read those policies carefully.

1. Information Collection and Usage

You would be able to provide us with your personal information when visiting our website. For example, when filling in the user registration form, or doing registration on the MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show website, you may be required to provide some certain information, such as your contact information (e.g. full name, email address, and phone number), profession category, etc.

2. The use of Personal Information by MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show

On the premise of your agreement, we will use your personal information for the following aspects:

A. Email

If you agree, we would be able to use the information provided by you to send you our newsletters or/and updates, or/and any other communication containing information related to the Show and the exhibitors information, via email


According to your choice, we would be able to generate and send related messages about the Show to the mobile phone number given by you realted to the Show. MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show will not charge for these SMS/MMS, but your phone service provider may charge you message sending and/or receiving and communications fees, and other fees of other standard by mobile phone service provider.

C. Printed Materials

According to your choice, we would be able send you printed communications (“printed materials”) on information and activities related to the Show information to physical address provided by you. If you don’t wish to receive the above communication information from the website, you can email us at

D. Communication service to you

If you choose to provide us with contact information, we will in any way, including email, send you the "website" service announcements and password retrieval notice, and will contact you based on your customer service requests or your questions. For example, all registered users will receive a welcome email to confirm their registration. The purpose of such communication is to provide better service and experience for you, including answering of queries.

E. Personalized Service

We may use your personal information to provide you with personalized website service and usage. For example, we will give you advices may be of particular interest to you.

F. Special events, questionnaires and surveys

MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show sometimes sponsors special events (such as exhibition or other activities), questionnaires and surveys. About the usage of personal information provided by you, during these activities, you will be ale to find the rules and explanations on the specific activities. We strongly recommend you to read the relevant rules before participating in promotional activities.

G. Employment relationship

If you provide us with employment information, such as a resume, we will keep secret for such kind of personal information, and will contact you only when considering your current or future employment opportunities with us or our affiliates. "Affiliates" means an individual or an entity directly or indirectly controls our company or controlled by our company, or controlled together with our company through one or more intermediaries. We will keep your information in order to contact you regarding the future employment opportunities, until we are told that you no longer hope that we keep your information.

H. The technology for providing you with Personalized Website Service

We use a variety of technologies to collect information regarding your visit on our website in order to improve your usage, and enable your personalized using experience when visiting our “website”. For example, we collect digital IP address in order to confirm your possible computer or device location indication. In some cases, we will combine these technologies with your provided information on the “website”. These technologies will provide many kinds of information, including whether you've visited our "website" before. The following will introduces the various technologies in detail.

I. Website Marks and Track Links

Website marks (also known as net images and pixel tags), track links and/or similar technology are consisted of a few lines of code, embedded in the pages of our website. They often use together with cookies, and “website” users usually cant’s see them. Website marks can transfer information to a third party (such as our service provider), and can be used to track the customer's reaction to some advertisements in order to better design targeted interactive advertisements, and to improve customer’s support and availability. If you reject our cookies (see "cookies" section below), you will stop the site marking for your information, you may prevent your information transmission by the website marks, you may not be able to use some functions of the "website".

J. COOKIES browser

COOKIES are a small amount of text on your computers hard disk when your visit our website. Flash cookies and browser cookies are similar, but the former can store more complex data material than simple text, and store the data in your browser instead of the hard disk. You can use your browser and/or your browser plug-ins (such as flash) to inform you or automatically reject cookies. If you reject our cookies, you can also access the "website", but you may not be able to use some certain functions.。

K. Information Shared

With the exception of third party appointed dealers who promote and deliver goods to you, without your approval, we will not provide your personal information to other third parties for purpose of promoting their products or services to you. In addition to the provisions of this article, we do not sell or leak "website” visitors personal information in any other way.

L. MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show

MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show can use such information in accordance with this privacy policy, including sending you the exhibition related information by email within your permission.

M. Third Parties

We can employ other companies and individuals on our behalf in accordance with this privacy policy to carry out the responsibilities and activities. These include data analysis companies, customer support personnel, email providers, web server companies, etc. In order to make these third parties to perform their duties, we may provide them the required personal information of customers, but the usage of these data cannot be for any other purpose, and the third parties shall abide by this privacy policy. Moreover, in some cases, we may ask for your opinion whether to reveal your personal information to the third parties, such as the joint sponsors of events or promotions. If you agree, we will give your personal information to the third parties for their own usage, they will abide by their own privacy policies.

N. Legal Compliance

To comply with the relevant laws, regulations, legal processes or governmental requests, we can disclose the needed information. In addition, if necessary, to avoid personal injury, economic loss, or illegal activities relating to potential or current time, we can disclose any needed information.

O. Transferring Data to other Countries

According to this privacy policy, parties who obtain and store your personal information, Shanghai International Fashion Center or other countries, have varying degrees of personal information protection. Regardless of the country, all the related parties who obtain your personal information, Shanghai International Fashion Center and third parties shall comply with the privacy protection statement listed in this privacy policy.

P. Children Privacy

If you are under the age of 18, you can browse our "website", but you cannot provide us with your personal information. That is to say, you cannot register or purchase products. "Website" is not designed for people under 18, we won't collect any personal information of people under 18 knowingly. If we learn that we accidentally get visitors’ personal information who are under 18, we will delete them from our records.

Q. How to Protect Personal Information

We take reasonable security measures for the “website” to prevent unauthorized disclosure, usage, modification, or destruction of the personal information provided by you through the "website". Given that you access to our "website" through public Internet, we collect the personal information you provide through a public network, as to say the Internet, and if the public network were attacked by hackers, your personal information may be saw and used by unauthorized third parties. For any questions about the security of our website, you can send email to to contact us. If you need us to delete your personal information, you can let us know by sending email to, we will delete your personal information as soon as possible.

R. Privacy Policy Renewal

We may revise this privacy policy irregularly. If we decide to modify our privacy policy, we will publish the revised policy here. We recommend you periodically review this privacy policy.

S. Unsubscribe and Manage your Preferences

You can choose whether to accept us sending emails, SMS messages, printed materials and other communications. If you do not wish to accept us you sending such communication, please contact us directly by email

T. Data Control and Processing

We hold responsibility for managing the personal information you provide. The Show will collect, store and manage with the personal information on “websites” in China. Collection and usage of your personal information will be regulated by the “third party” Section K (‘Information shared’) of this article.

U. Opinions

We assume many measures to ensure your positive experience in visiting our website, as well as respecting the rights of your privacy.